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Artist Biography
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Henry Lejeune A.R.A

A London artist, painting historical genre, country scenes, and children. Many of his subjects were views of the Thames and the coasts of Holland. In the period 1840 to 1850 he also painted some historical and biblical subjects. He studied at the Royal Academy School and exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1840-94 which period covered the height of the academy's influence. He also exhibited at the British Institution in Pall Mall, London, and the Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street. In 1845 he became the drawing master at the Royal Academy, and in 1848 he was elevated to curator of the Royal Academy. Titles exhibited at the Royal Academy were "Field Flowers", "Tickled with a Straw ", and "Little Bo-Peep". Several of his paintings are exhibited at the Manchester and Salford Art Gallery.

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