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Victor Tardieu

Widely regarded as the "Father of Fine Art of Vietnam", Victor Tardieu was a French painter of animated compositions, genre scenes, figures, portraits, interiors, urban streets, marines, murals and stained glass. He came from a family in the business of trading silk, his father a fabric draughtsman. Tardieu was a student of the Lyon Academy of Fine Art. In 1889, he moved to Paris. Between 1907 and 1913, Tardieu painted a great number of works, generally of small size, devoted to family life in the garden. These were often of his wife and their child (Jean Tardieu). In 1914 Tardieu served as a soldier, with various assignments. In 1921, he was awarded the Prize of Indo-China: he expected to stay there for six months, but stayed the remainder of his life. Tardieu founded and directed the Indo-China Academy of Fine Art in Hanoi, and it was from here that Tardieu exerted his profound influence over Vietnamese painting and art, teaching an entire generation of people how to paint. Silhouette brushstrokes are a feature in his compositions, with a technique that combines the impression of Monet with the nimbleness of Marquet, clear in its palette. Similar to this painting, they were intimate scenes that feature the play of the sun and the shade according to different hours in the day. These compositions combined Post-Impressionism and Fauvism. This painting, Portrait de Femme Assise is featured on p. 51 of "The National Geographic Traveler -Vietnam", a book which details the most important historical, culture, and artistic influences on modern Vietnam.

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